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Modern life can get demanding. In between traffic, deadlines, taking care of the kids and running your home, there’s little time left over to spend on yourself. It isn’t an ideal situation, as everyone needs regular exercise and stress relief to function at their best. If you’re looking for a suitable outlet that offers this in Bentleigh East, why not consider adult martial arts Karate at Integr8 Martial Arts?

What benefits can adults get out of martial arts classes?

What Do People Wear When Participating?


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Adult Martial Arts Karate - Bentleigh East

Adults martial arts karate classes

What Do People Wear When Participating?

With our teachings, our students become fitter and stronger, as we condition their bodies and minds. Our classes improve their core strength, balance and mental fortitude, raising their awareness levels and developing their self-confidence. What we teach in each less can be applied to anyone’s daily life – for example, setting realistic and attainable goals and practising self-discipline is something that can benefit their careers and relationships. No two classes are the same, making it a unique and exciting experience for all who join us.

In addition to the above, we provide our students with opportunities to participate in tournaments and social events where they’ll be rewarded for their progress.

Three Decades Of Teaching Martial Arts

For the past 30 years, Integr8 Martial Arts has been providing karate, martial arts and self-defence classes to adults of all ages. Our martial arts system is named Zei Shin Do Karate, which means “learning a practical method of self-defence through the study of karate theory and techniques”. Our teachings are based on a traditional system of karate, but we’ve combined it with the most practical techniques from various martial arts forms. 

We’re a member school of the Martial Arts Industry Association. Our black belt instructors have completed Level 1 and 2 certification with the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme in Australia as well as First Aid certification.

Our History:

Zei Shin Do Karate was initiated in April 1986. Our syllabus is based on a traditional system of karate however our martial arts system has branched out with a combination of the most practical techniques from various martial arts.  This leads to a variety of techniques and interesting classes.
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