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Kids Karate – Bentleigh East: It’s no secret that if you learn something as a child, you’re likely to remember it for the rest of your life. While this usually applies to learning good habits, it can also apply to your approach to training and fitness. There’s no better time than childhood to teach your child that exercise is a necessary but fun part of staying healthy. At Integr8 Martial Arts, we have over 30 years of experience in helping children condition their mind and body through martial arts training.

Start Young and Grow

At Integr8, we integrate martial arts and fitness training to strengthen your child’s body and mind and promote a healthy lifestyle. During our lessons, a large part of what we teach involves setting goals. These goals can be related to their fitness level or something in their personal lives. We guide them to achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves. This ingraining goal setting doesn’t stay in the dojo, and they can apply the lessons they’ve learnt into their lives, on the sports field and even in the classroom.

We also offer a leadership program enabling young people to excel in the art.


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Kids Karate - Bentleigh East

What benefits can children get out of martial arts classes

What Does Training Consist Of?

What Do Children Wear When Participating?

Safe, Guided Training.

At Integr8 Martial Arts, your children are in good hands. We’re a member of the MAIA (the Martial Arts Industry Association), and our black belt teachers have also completed Levels 1 and 2 of the National Coaching and Accreditation Scheme. In case of emergency during our classes, we also make sure they hold First Aid Certificates.

Our History:

Our childrens Karate System is called Zei Shin Do, which roughly translates to “learning a practical method of self-defence through the study of karate theory and techniques”. As your children enter school, they’ll be faced with conflicts for the first time in their lives. We believe in teaching them how to defend themselves so they can be strong-willed, strong-minded, and resilient.

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