Teen Boxing: Being a teenager is challenging – and it can be even more challenging for the people around them! It’s a time of tremendous physical change and emotional development. At times like this, structure can play a huge role in helping your teen find much-needed balance. At Integr8 Martial Arts we offer this though martial arts classes for teenagers. We’re committed to educating the youth in the fundamentals of Boxing for their benefit.

Boxing is one of the most devastating stand up styles in the world. INTEGR8 Teen’s Boxing offers a total body Cardio Vascular Workout.
Emphasis is placed on the correct execution of technique as well as the benefit arising from exercises, drills and routines.

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Teen Boxing

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We train teenagers from all walks of life, helping them boost their resilience, confidence, discipline and formulate a goal-setting mindset. 

All teenagers are welcome, and there’s no need for prior knowledge as our lessons cover everything from the basics to advanced techniques. Call us today to book a class on 0455 150 088.


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