Self Defence Classes

Womens Self Defence classes: The world that we live in today can feel like an unsafe place for women, but that doesn’t mean you should fear to step out your front door every morning. Integr8 Martial Arts offers self-defence, martial arts and karate classes for women in Bentleigh, Melbourne. 

We’re committed to providing the community with the necessary tools to protect themselves and increase their awareness and self-confidence when out and about in public. We also offer Muay Thai kickboxing for the women who want to challenge themselves further.

Womens Self Defence classes


Beginner's Classes Now Starting!

Five Weeks To Empowerment

We’ve created a five-week program for our female students. Each class is 1.5 hours long, and here we teach practical and safe approaches to self-defence. We educate women on efficient and useful physical techniques. We also cover weapons defence and the mental preparation required to defend yourself.

When our five-week program is complete, our students have a better understanding of their personal space and safety and can perform physical defensive techniques. They also experience a boost in self-confidence as they become fitter and stronger. As their strength increases, so does their courage and self-awareness.

Why Integr8 Martial Arts?

At Integr8 Martial Arts our instructors are expertly trained, certified and experienced. Our black belt level teachers have First Aid qualifications and have also completed Level 1 and 2 under the National Coaching and Accreditation Scheme. We are also a member of the Martial Arts Industry Association.

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Our women’s classes are a wonderful place for women to meet, form relationships and support one another during training. At Integr8, we’re committed to providing the best training in self-defence, karate and martial arts that a woman can get, and all women (including teens and girls) are welcome. Self-defence is a vital skill that many women should be equipped with so if you’re interested in joining a class, contact Integr8 Martial Arts today.

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